Color Wars is one of the most exciting things to many students that come to Camp Revive. Students that attend Camp Revive are divided into four different color teams. Camp Revive will contact each church before camp to inform them what color team(s) their students are on. Many students take this opportunity to deck out their wardrobe in their team’s color, purchase face paint, or even make flags. These teams compete for points given for team spirit, good sportsmanship, Christian service, and their rank during morning recreation games. Camp Revive hires camp staffers who serve as color team leaders that will encourage the students. At the end of the week, only one team will raise to the top and be Camp Revive 2019’s Color War Champion.


Every year we have a Lip Sync Battle where various students band together with friends, their youth group, or someone they just met at camp for an epic Lip Sync Battle. We host this event Thursday night!


This activity is always a lot of fun and very entertaining! We would love it if your church group would participate either as a whole and/or a small group of your students. The deadline to sign up to participate is Wednesday, July 10th at lunch. We will need to know the song that will be performed (please note that any song that the committee feels is not appropriate for the event will need to be changed.) If you have any questions regarding your church’s or student’s song choice, please feel free to contact the CBA office or email us at to reach our committee director for a decision beforehand. We do not want your church group or students to spend a lot of time preparing to perform a song that will not be allowed, so please do not hesitate to call if you have any doubt.


Just to give you an idea of how this Event has gone in the past, some churches practice weeks in advance, create props, and an entire skit to perform while others throw it together last minute at camp. Either way is fine and the more participants the better! We wanted to give each church the opportunity to practice and prepare in advance if they chose to do so.



Tournaments at Camp Revive are always fun! Basketball, Volleyball, Gagaball, Can-Can and even Frisbee golf! There are always several tournaments for students to participate in during the free recreation time. Competition is always fierce, but friendly and the winners of each tournament will receive trophies at the closing ceremony!

Stay tuned for a complete list of tournaments!