July 6-10, 2020

A familiar camp, a familiar name.

Why did we change the name?
Rev Week has been the name for Central Baptist Association’s Youth Camp for many years. The Camp Committee felt like it was a time to change. Much of the history of “Rev Week” has been lost to time. Rev Week was named with words like “Reveal,” “Revive,” and “Revere,”  in mind. Rev Week wanted God to REVEAL himself to the students at Youth camp, REVIVE their hearts, and teach them to REVERE God and His word. These goals remain for Camp Revive. We felt like a name change would better help share the focus of Youth Camp, revival. We desire revival in the hearts of the students that come to our camp, as well as the adults. Camp Revive helps emphasize that, and it looks really good on this year’s shirt!
What else is new?
As a Camp Committee, we have implemented many changes last year and this year! One of those changes is this fancy website. Last year we hired college-aged camp staff to mentor, and lead each color team during the recreation time. We’ve expanded our Camp Committee and are looking to better utilize each member’s God-given gifts and abilities to best serve the students at Camp. We’ve rebuilt and remade some of our classic camp games so that everything is done with just a little more professionalism. We want students to get a full camp experience when they attend Camp Revive.
So is this a different camp?
Not at all! We loved Rev Week and we want to improve on what made Rev Week great. We unashamedly preach the Word of God and want to see God remain central to everything we do at Camp Revive. We still heavily prioritize the time that each church gets to spend together with their youth pastor/and or leaders. We still play “Church Clap” by Lecrae a little too loud and a little too often. Rev Week has been great! We’re excited for Camp Revive!

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